Jennifer Machen
graphic designer

Conserve / Conference Branding


Conserve Conservation Conference

Many different types of plant and animal species call Alabama home. A variety of factors, including Alabama’s unique geography, contribute to its ranking as 5th most bio diverse state in the US. Adversely, Alabama is also ranked 2nd in the country for extinctions, and ranked 4th in the country for species in danger of extinction. 1 out of every 7 species in the state is at risk of becoming extinct. These statistics are the result of many things, most being habitat loss and degradation, something that is prevalent across the entire country. Conserve began in Alabama as a direct response to staggering facts such as these with the hope of changing not just how Alabama treats conservation, but how the entire US can come together to make a positive impact. Conserve is a fictional traveling conference whose focus is educating, preserving, and encouraging action to slow down and eventually stop the extinction of life in our beloved country. Conserve brings together scientists of many disciplines, as well as community leaders and members to brainstorm ideas to become more directly involved in preserving life all over the country. We believe that through education, people can be empowered to create change that positively impacts  their environments and sets a precedent for the nation.